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Frequently Asked Questions

All US orders ship free and fast. We process orders daily and will ship the same or next business day, Monday through Friday, in most circumstances for orders placed before 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. We will ship all orders USPS First Class or Priority Mail (1-7 days depending on location). We also offer expedited delivery methods. Please note, we only ship in the United States at this time.

All products – opened or not – can be returned for any reason. Send the items back to us within 90 days and we’ll refund your money. Once we receive the package, we’ll refund you via the same method of payment with which you paid. You will receive the full purchase price of your product minus any shipping fees (unless of course, it was our error). If 90 days has passed since your purchase, we’re sorry, but we can’t accept this item as a return. To process your return easily, please use the return form on this page below.

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your order (usually within a few minutes). After your order has shipped we will send an email to the address provided with a verified carrier tracking number so that you can continue to track your shipment online. Viewing your order history in our system is easy. Simply login to your account by clicking on the “My Account” link at the top of the page, and then click on the “Order History” link. View the desired order by clicking the “View” link to see your tracking number link.

Changing your address and other personal information in our system is easy. Simply login to your account by clicking on the “My Account” link at the top of the page, then click on the “My Addresses” link. Select the desired address from the drop-down box and make changes to an existing address, add a new address, or delete an address. Then click the appropriate action button: Add, Delete, or Apply Changes.

We ship orders the same day, and many orders are processed shortly after you place them. It is very likely that your order has already shipped and no further changes can be made. You may call us at 488-788-9994 to see if your order has shipped. Our phone lines are open from 10:00 to 4:00 PM EST, Mon thru Fri, excluding federal holidays. Please do not inform us by email, as emails are not always read at the time you send them, and we may not see it and ship your order as placed. If your order has not shipped and you want to add an item or increase quantity, we will place a second order with free shipping, and combine the two if possible. If you want cancel an item or decrease quantity, we will need to cancel your entire order and void your payment, and place a new order with the products you are requesting. If your order has shipped, please request a return authorization as no further changes can be made.

Compassion Vitamins is able to research the tracking number and provide an exact history of the route of your package, and a scheduled delivery date, and proof of delivery confirmation. We will be happy to contact you with that information. Simply use the “Contact Us” form or call us at 488-788-9994. Our phone lines are open from 10:00 to 4:00 PM EST, Mon thru Fri, excluding federal holidays.

Please verify your address on your order. If you do not locate your package at your address, the fastest way to get your package is to contact your local post office, as they may have left a note that got misplaced for you to pick it up at the post office.

Due to several instances in the past were we replaced packages and the original package also showed up a week or two later, we are required to follow the steps listed below before replacing your package:

Simply print the email we send you with the tracking number and take it to your local post office to ask the supervisor/postmaster the following:.

(1) Was the package held at the post office for pick-up? If so, they will hand it to you.

(2) Was there a fill-in mail carrier the day your package was delivered instead of the regular carrier (day off, vacation, etc)?

(3) Ask the postmaster to contact the carrier that delivered your package to determine where it was left such as the Garage, Front Door, Porch, Deck, etc.

If you still did not receive your package after following the above steps, we will replace your package as a one-time courtesy, but require a 14 business day waiting period from the day your package shows delivery according to the tracking. Often the original package shows up within this time due to a sorting/scan error and we do not want you to receive two orders when you only paid for one.

For replacement orders we may request signature guarantee as we will not replace a second order. You may also add specific delivery instructions of where to place the package on delivery. To add these comments, there is an area on the last page of the cart, right above the final process order button to type in your requests. We will see your notes when we process the order.

If an item is on back-order, we will ship your available items immediately without delay, and email you with an estimated shipping date for your back-orders item(s) only. Your back-ordered item(s) will arrive in a separate package, at no additional shipping cost to you. As a partner with many manufacturers, shipping occurs direct from the manufacturer. Therefore, Compassion Vitamins will have the same back-order status as the manufacturer in a few limited situations. Since all items ship direct from the manufacturer, your credit card will be charged at the time of your order to place your item(s) in the queue to be shipped as soon as available. You may always cancel your back-order for a refund any time before it ships by using our contact us link or calling us at 484-788-9994. Our phone lines are open from 10:00 to 4:00 PM EST, Mon thru Fri, excluding federal holidays.

Your privacy is a high priority to us. We will never sell your name, mailing address, e-mail address, or phone number with another party. Additionally, any personal information you provide us will be held strictly confidential. Our site utilizes advanced encryption and security measures, so your personal information is always protected. We respect your privacy.

Most of our customers take the same supplements daily. Adding all the supplements you take to your personal list of Favorites will keep them all stored in one place for when you are ready to re-order or review the details at a later time.

To add an item to your favorites list, simply browse to the item you wish to add and click on the “Add To Favorites” link (You will need to be logged in to use this feature.)

To view or order from your list of favorites simply log in to your account and click on “Manage My Account”. Here you will see all of your favorites listed at the bottom of the page. From here you can view the details and order the item if desired.

The products from our chosen manufacturers only use only premium quality ingredients. Our dedication to excellence insists that our supplements meet the highest standards and criteria. Our standards are based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which sets the requirements for quality control, inspection criteria, production control procedures, cleanliness measures, waste disposal methods and record keeping.

Compassion Vitamins insists on purchasing products and brands with only the highest quality raw materials from all over the world, primarily from leading US, Japanese and European sources. We go a step further by using advanced analytical methods, such as high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, to ensure our products meet label claims for potency and purity. We test raw materials using US Pharmacopeia and other exacting pharmaceutical assay standards.

Finally, a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing every one of our products’ quality, potency, and purity is kept on file and available.

Compassion Vitamins chooses manufacturers that use the finest ingredients from various parts of the world that produce the best variety of a specific ingredient. We will never offer products from a manufacturer that buys from the cheapest parts of the world that produces inferior grade raw materials, sacrificing quality. This is the reason why some of our brands may run a little higher in price, but Compassion Vitamins has managed to partner with our manufacturers to reduce the prices to a very affordable level when using our coupons.

"I have always been called to serve, and consider you part of our family. As a small family company, we strive for that higher purpose of mission & ministry - not the mega-store mentality."
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